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Video Value – You Get What You Pay For

Video Value – You Get What You Pay For


By Connie Hannon
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Would you ever let a customer invade your kitchen to make your house specialty at your restaurant? Of course not. But, there are many business owners who add videos that they’ve made themselves to their website and to other marketing channels where amateur video isn’t appropriate. Amateur photography and video only work on sites like Vine, Tout and Instagram. We’ve all seen amateur photos and video posted on home pages, galleries, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and, frankly, laughed at them. And, laughter is certainly not the call to action those restaurant owners wanted to convey. So, even if you are the family photographer, it’s really best to leave videos and the creative process to people who are experts in the field. At Reel Restaurants, our company is dedicated to creating the polished video that leads your customers to buy. From start to finish, creating a video is a collaborative process, bringing our clients’ ideas to life from concept to their site and to social media in a timely manner.

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