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Food/Event Photography

Capturing the Right Image

Capture the richness of your menu and your restaurant’s ambiance with our expert still photography team. Because our sessions are based on the time spent on-site, our professional team works quickly and accurately to capture the shots and audio outlined in our Project Prep.



Previous photography projects include:

  • Your food and your dining environment
  • Headshot sessions of your management team/corporate team
  • Photos for digital marketing campaign content (Website and Social Media content, email marketing campaigns)
  • Candid shots at catering/fundraising events
  • Menu items/POS system menu thumbnails

To see examples of our professional photography, visit our Photo Gallery.

License-Free Images

Reel Restaurants photo sessions are license-free.  Once we shoot the images based on your purchased session, you own the images outright.

Additional Services

The Photoshopping and retouching of images require an additional fee. Please contact your Producer/Project Leader for details.