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First Post!

First Post!

By Connie Hannon

Welcome to the Line Up! In this space you’ll find tips and tidbits about the food service industry from around the web. I wanted to start with the basics, so I Googled “what restaurant managers should know” and came up with a post from a long-time restaurant owner and writer for About.com, Lorri Mealey Brown. Love her name, by the way, Mealey – perfect for the restaurant biz. Anyway, Lorri’s third most important thing that restaurant managers should know, after the customer is always right and job expectations should be clearly delineated, is RESTAURANTS NEED ADVERTISING. Now, we know that restaurants operate on razor thin margins. But, how will customers know that you exist without your restaurant on the first page when they search for your city and your kind of food without advertising? And, the MOST COST EFFECTIVE kind of advertising is adding a video about your restaurant to your website and to your Facebook page. Our company, Reel Restaurants, can help you advertise your restaurant. In fact, producing promotional video for the food service industry is our specialty! Let us help you attract more customers to your restaurant!

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