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Why Social Media Video Is More Important Than Ever

Why Social Media Video Is More Important Than Ever

By Connie Hannon

Beginning this month, Facebook mobile is adding Open Table to restaurant fan pages. So what’s video got to do with that? Everything. Imagine you are hungry and searching for a place to eat that’s nearby. Since most people update their facebook status while they’re on the go, they’re more likely just to click on Facebook’s restaurants nearby option rather than open another app. What’s going to make your restaurant stand out on Facebook’s restaurants nearby list? Video. A compelling, mouth-watering video featuring your food will give your restaurant that extra something that will make customers buy. And, now with the Open Table widget right there on your Facebook page, it’s easier than ever for potential guests to choose your restaurant over the one next door. Head to our Request a Quote page to start your video journey with Reel Restaurants today!

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